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About Kyrgyzstan

You should definitely pay attention to Kyrgyzstan if you wish to travel around Central Asia. In addition, our team provides a tour with car rent service so that travelers can explore the sunny territory with snow-capped fabulous peaks, deep beautiful gorges, in which winding rivers flow and picturesque mountain lakes are located. To make the tour of Kyrgyzstan and feel independence in transport, we suggest rent a car. Such a small country in Central Asia as Kyrgyzstan gives travelers a chance to get acquainted with picturesque alpine and subalpine meadows, mountain steppes, lush Tien Shan spruces or walnut trees and, of course, juniper bushes during the tour.

The natural conditions of the territory will never let you down and that is why the tour with car rent service in Kyrgyzstan is so relevant. Also, when traveling in a country like Kyrgyzstan, tourists get a dose of inspiration through the heavenly mountains with their deep valleys or vast intermountain basins with lakes surrounded by the ever-snow-capped peaks of ridges. Such heights allow guests of the country to climb about 4000 m above sea level during the tour. In addition, many people use our tour and rent a car, realizing that it is in Kyrgyzstan that it is possible, like nowhere else, to explore the well-known fabulous mountains of Tien Shan. Moreover, guests of the country, being in Kyrgyzstan, see the most ancient buildings, visit famous lakes like Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul and many other beautiful lakes. Many on the tour take car rent service in order to visit the national park of Kyrgyzstan called Ala Archa. In this park, it is impossible not to enjoy the beauty of nature and take a lot of colorful photos. Our team is always ready to give you the perfect travel tour plan according to your preferences and a safe route.


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