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10 days tour 8

Day 1: Bishkek – Burana – Chon Kemin
Dear guests today we travel along amazing country, known as Kyrgyzstan. The tour starts in Manas International Airport and then taken to Bishkek. There we are going to visit such places of highlights as Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Сentral Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic. Then we start for Chon Kemin gorge. This is the gorge where we are able to have rest in the evening as for the beginning we travel along Burana Tower. This minaret started to exist in the 11th century. Today it is seen to be located along with the small museum of balbals. And then the night is spent in the local stay. Night and dinner will be created with the hospitality of the local people.

Day 2: Chon Kemin – Bishkek
The whole day we are going to spend in the Chon Kemin village. It is also seen to be staying at the national park so that all of the sides of the villages are taken by the mountains. Here there are many regions that saved ancient traditions of the local people. Their culture is rich and extremely traditional. The transport system seems to be at the very beginning, that is why horse-riding is more famous here. Being here foreigners have a chance of riding the horse for some amount of time, for then starting for the local stay.

Day 3: Bishkek – Toktogul
Today we are going to pass the territory of great mountains of the southern part of Kyrgyzstan. And here the tour is made to Toktogul. The way is going to be rather interesting as gone along Tue Ashuu pass, of 3000 m. as the road is identified as one of the most picturesque, we are going to make photo stops for the guests. Then the night will be spent in the boarding house.

Day 4: Toktogul – Sary Chelek 
Having the tour along the Chatkal mountain range, boarders are able to see Sary Chelek lake. This lake seems to be unique as located in the National reserve. Today we travel here at the altitude of 1873m, at the territory of the lake being 234m deep, 2,280m wide and 7,500m long. For now it seems to be created due to the earthquake. It is also known as the flooded valley of Kyrgyzstan. Here it is prohibited to swim or fish, so flora and fauna is still rich here. They present us 300 species of plants, 32 species of trees, 80 types of bushes, 38 species of animals and 157 species of birds. Night will be offered in the stay of the local people.

Day 5: Sary Chelek – Arslanbob
A great territory of Arslanbob walnut forest is going to be seen today by members of our tour. The road is laid along the mountains which are extremely picturesque. At the same time along the route Kumis will be offered to guests. Then as we get to the forest, we can notice Arslanbob walnut forest. It seems to be one of the great exporters of walnuts to the other world. Here in the evening we can have a walk and then spend the night in the stay of the local people.

Day 6: Arslanbob
We still are in the Arslanbob walnut forest, presenting us the territory of 11,000 hectares. For such a huge territory, the forest is known to be the “Royal Woods of Kyrgyzstan”. The forest is known to be located at the way of the Great Silk Road. It means that in the past times there were many people exporting nuts to the other world. Here we travel to small waterfall and continue the investigation of amazing and so incredible natural landscapes. Night will be offered in the stay of the locals.

Day 7: Arslanbob – Uzgen – Osh
Today our trip is made to Osh, to the south of the country, but for this we need to see Djalal Abad town. It is famous for Uzgen Tower created by Karakhanids in the 11th century. Close to the building we are going to see burial chambers, mausoleums for their relatives. Along the way foreigners will be able to notice incredible alpine mountains, extremely beautiful photo stops. Night will be made in the hotel.

Day 8: Osh
As guests travel in Osh, they need to get to the center of the city, to see the Suleiman Mountain. It is also identified as Suleiman Too (Solomon’s Mountain). Today such a mountain is identified as the main pilgrimage place. So that there are lots of Muslims coming here to pray. Moreover, one of legends says that biblical prophet Solomon (Suleiman in the Koran) was taken to be buried in the mountain. Then during the tour guests are able to travel to Asian bazaar. Night will be offered in the hotel.

Day 9: Osh – Abshir Ata – Osh
From Osh we have decided to make a route to Apshir Ata gorge. This gorge is famous for being an amazing location of holy waterfall and of course the alpine lake. Being here the guests can be surprised by the attractiveness of highlights as well as the road to it. On the shore of the lake guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able to have picnics. Returning to Osh, there will be dinner. Night will be offered in the hotel. Remember, trips are going to be made on cars for rent, as destinations are great.

Day 10: Airport
Morning transfer to airport. 

02 pax – Mitsubishi Delica
04-10 pax – Mercedes Sprinter

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