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Dungan mosque

The tour in Kyrgyzstan plainly will provide visiting the Dungan Mosque and rent a car in much-admired aim districts. The reported formation of the mosque is seen by visitors as charming and worthy of appreciation.

Then people left the Chinese region on a flight in 1877 and went to the destination of the present tour. They set up an alliance in the aftermath of acting. 1907 was the year the architect Chjou Siy welcomed him. 20 persons are now working to build the mosque. On your tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can find that the mosque was built without nails.

Today, passengers will rent a car and visit mosques alone. Using a car rental provider to visit the basic areas. You'll see red color scaring evils within the mosque, the yellow giving riches and green - pleasure. In the Soviet period, it was agreed to keep God in mind and visit demanding sites. In the 20th century, it existed. There were casualties at that time, owing to the Second World War, and Muslims gave up a lot of cash. At that point, the organization requested approval to do so. You ought to look at car rentals in Kyrgyzstan these days with the intention of choosing a tour of Karakol town and Dungan Mosque.

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