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Ice caps

Our team is considered one of the leading tourist companies in Kyrgyzstan, which will offer tourists excellent views on tours, a huge range of opportunities, as well as offer to marvel at the views of glaciers. Our experienced guides and drivers will make your tours in Kyrgyzstan exciting and interesting, and we will be able to present you tours in Kyrgyzstan with incredible views of nature and charming landscapes.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country that attracts tourists from all over the world with its colorful gorges, valleys, rivers and glaciers. Visiting us, you will be able to explore that these are huge layers of ice that cannot be found in ordinary life, as they are located high in the mountains, in the permafrost. Since it always snows there, it is impossible to go there. You can find out in the tours that “Ice Rivers " are river valleys that you can meet on the road during a trip in a rented car. There are about 800 glaciers in Kyrgyzstan and they only occupy 30% of Kyrgyzstan.

Here you can learn during the trip that one of the most famous glaciers is the Enilchek glacier, which is located in the Issyk-Kul region and is divided into Southern and northern. Customers of our company will be able to find out that there are Ak-Sai and Adygen glaciers in the country, located in the Ala-Achra National Park, and for tours you can rent a car and notice them.

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