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Manas architectonics in Kyrgyzstan

The Manas complex is considered one of Kyrgyzstan's historically significant places by visitors looking for tours and car rentals. The distance between Talas and Tash-Aryk is 22 kilometers.

The "Manas-Ordo" complex covers around 2.25 square kilometers of land. Because the passengers will be seeing the complex built in honor of the hero Manas, renting a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour is a fantastic alternative. The gumbez of Kyrgyzstan is considered the country's heritage.

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According to one version, it was constructed in 1334, while other states it was constructed for the burial of the emir Abuka's daughter. Stone warriors known as balbals were stationed around the property's border to keep an eye on it. Take a tour to Kyrgyzstan and explore the country's most stunning sights with our car rental service.

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