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During the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore that rituals are one of the most important branches in the country, as in any other country. And we would like to tell you in this article interesting and useful information that our specialists have prepared for you.

You will be able to explore many attractions on the tour, rent a car and during the tour get to know the locals, learn the customs and traditions of the country. You have the opportunity on a tour of Kyrgyzstan to explore that most of the rituals come from ancient times with the Turkic tribes. Basically, the rituals were based on the lifestyle of the nomadic Kyrgyz people.

Anyone can rent a car and explore the rituals that are associated with the people of Kyrgyzstan. So the first ritual is known as Suyunchu-or what means the event of bringing joyful or good news, when parents are waiting for gifts. This is followed by the Korunduk ritual, which is based on giving money to the parents when they come to see the child. The Kyrgyz also have another ritual called Beshik Toi, where the birth of a child is celebrated. On this day, a large number of people come to cook delicious food, burn juniper. The next interesting ritual is known as Tushoo Kesuu, which is marked by the fact that on this day the first steps of the child are celebrated. On this day, close people, relatives, friends are invited to tie the child's legs with a rope and the older children run to the pre-race and untie the child's legs.

During the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore that there is a different kind of tradition, for this you will be able to rent a car with or without a driver. And this tradition is called as a wedding. In Kyrgyzstan, great importance is attached to wedding and engagement rituals. And a large number of people are usually invited to a wedding in Kyrgyzstan, but this brings big financial losses. In the past, there was also a traditional ritual that is now prohibited by law called Ala-kachuu. And this happens when people kidnap the bride, sometimes even unknown persons. And in this case, the bride has no chance to leave the groom's house. After that, the Kyrgyz have such a ritual as nike kiyuu or under another name engagement. And as you know, it is important to legalize marriage in accordance with Muslim traditions. Kyz uzatuu means a ceremony when the bride is in the main role and all her friends and relatives say goodbye to her. After that, the wedding itself is performed in a restaurant, where many guests are invited and who say a lot of toasts. And these are the main rituals of the country, which you can explore during a tour of Kyrgyzstan and rent a car.

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