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Are you interested in transport means and roads of Kyrgyzstan, because you are going to travel on rented cars tour in this country? Then this article is for you. Now we will inform you about transport and roads in Kyrgyzstan. For the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can choose a transport based on your preferences and budgetary funds among car rent Kyrgyzstan, taxi or public transport.

For those who have not been to Kyrgyzstan yet, you should know that in the country the cars are left-sided. However, there are also right-hand drives allowed on the roads of the country, but these are not very popular. Public transport as a minibus costs 10 soms. A dollar, depending on the exchange rate, can cost about 69.5 soms. By the way, the Mercedes Sprinter brand is very popular among such routers. On the travel tour, if you do not have rented cars, you can also use public transport as a bus costs 8 soms.

You can also explore Kyrgyzstan by taxi, the prices are different, and about 100-130 soms, but 50-100 soms are added depending on the time of day and location. These prices apply to those taxis that are from companies. And there are also private taxis, their prices are much higher.

Guests of our state use our rent cars service, because we provide a large selection and high-quality car rent Kyrgyzstan. We give this advice to all our clients: remember that Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country and for a comfortable movement it is better to choose a 4x4 car among the rent cars, since it is rather difficult to move in the mountains. Here are our offers –

01-04 persons – Mitsubishi Delica
05-10 persons – Mercedes Sprinter
11-25 persons – 2 Mercedes Sprinter
25 and more – big bus (Neoplan, Setra, Yutong)


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