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Rukh Ordo complex of Kyrgyzstan

For now in Kyrgyzstan there are many locations aiming to be the most visited ones by the guests coming to travel here from various countries. It means it is highly important to have a tour on cars rented to the famous Rukh Ordo complex. It is identified as the ancient location, the complex of the past times, being the site of the unity of other religions as well as legends and various historical ideas.

For the people coming to travel in Kyrgyzstan we offer the rented cars and the sightsee program fitting your wishes and emotions of course. At the same time it is possible to find the communication with the local people, able to tell the facts of the history of the country and various historical facts. The creation of the complex is known to be organized on purpose, as there was a need to have a place where people of various beliefs to gather. That is why it is seen as the building for all the nations and religions of course. At the same time it tends to be the locality for the presidents to have on having the meeting on the political level. In the course of the tour here guests have a riding along the south of Issyk-Kul lake, as on one side it borders the complex. Basically the building was created with an aim to make up the meeting of the main religions, under the number of five. They live here close, side by side. Today while the tripping here guests are able to view the chapels of white color. It is the basis of the tolerance of the local people, when the main idea is to save the respect to the others. We are able to show the opportunity to get closer to history of the country.

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