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Rukh Ordo complex

For people of various faiths, the Rukh Ordo complex is an ancient hub of interaction; it is at the core of the sharing of emotions and values and, of course, of the mutual enrichment of cultures. Tourists will enrich the trip by seeing the world of religions, mythology and an important car rental past.

Many of those taking car rental services and tours in Kyrgyzstan, along with some fictitious facts, interact with the facts from a study point of view. The layout of the complex is intentional. People have chosen to create a position that embraces all religions, all nations. This is the venue chosen for the numerous leaders to tour. The compound is drained by Issyk Kul Lake to the south and is surrounded by Kungei Ala Too to the north. The central definition of the complex can be seen in the following: the center of the five big religions, side by side, parallel to each other. The car rental in Kyrgyzstan unlocks the door to see the enigmatic side of the house itself. It is represented in white chapels, meant to symbolize people's openness to each other, their willingness to love each other. And visitors can stroll around the place on tours in Kyrgyzstan, anywhere along the territory of the site, in the middle of the trip, and enjoy the history of car rental.

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