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Scaling the mounts

The mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan will allow you to travel around the country and do alpinism. Our country is amazing and attracts with its beautiful nature. In Kyrgyzstan tours, you can rent a car and also learn facts about the mountains. And the area of Kyrgyzstan is also good for hiking and trekking. At the time when the Soviet Union existed, people did not have the right to climb to the heights of the mountains. And you can find out in the tours that only some of the people were able to get permission to visit the heights of the country.

With our company, you can learn about all the permits and restrictions, advantages and disadvantages, additional information, and also learn more about the mountains from our guides during the tours. With us, you can also learn a lot of information and rent a car from our company for the best tours. And our customers should also keep in mind the complexity in terms of avalanches and crevasses.

We want to tell you on tours in Kyrgyzstan that you will be able to cross the heights of the peaks more than 7000 meters above sea level and so enjoy the time. And also get the title as "Snow Leopard". When there were days of the Soviet Union, about 600 climbers were able to receive such an award.

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