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Sulaiman mountain

It is difficult from the point of view of the tour, and the importance of the location depends on the knowledge of the guide, such as the Sulaiman Mountains. We want to remind you, then, that in Osh, there is a mountain in the middle of this ancient city. In the case that a tourist starts contesting a Kyrgyzstan car rental tour, we agree that this is a wise move.

We would like to speak about the fact that all knowledge should be open to everyone, so that archaeological sites have historical documents and temples. These hypotheses were accepted by ancient individuals. If you rent a tour car in Kyrgyzstan, hikers can cross the mountains to see the history of King Solomon's region (Suleiman). The name of the summit, once Bara Kukh and then Takht I Suleiman, was the 'Throne of Solomon.' There are seven caves in the hills on your tour of Kyrgyzstan. The Osh United Historical and Cultural Museum, all of which entail the absence of tourists who have rented a car on a tour of Kyrgyzstan. The mountain was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List at the same time in 2009.

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