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Adventures in Pamir

Adventures in Pamir

Adventures in Pamir, Tajikistan tours.

The Name of tour: Adventures in Pamir 

Duration: 6 days 

Visiting landmarks: Dushanbe, Hissor, Kalai Khum, Khorog, Norak

Day 1: Dushanbe – Hissor – Dushanbe
This day is dedicated to a fascinating city tour. Being here you will have a chance to discover the prominent attractions of the capital. Durig the tour you will explore Rudake Park, National library, White House, National state seal, and House of parliament. After that you will walk along National park where you will take photos of Ministry of Inner Affairs. You will be offered to discover the biggest National Flag in the world – 165 m high pole, 30 m wide, 60 m long. After that you will have a chance to explore ancient attributes in Central Museum. Then you will continue the tour with visiting 35 km to visit Hissor fortress (VII–XVII centuries). During the tour you will see that it was erected on the side of a large hill. In the tour, you will be able to explore that a high brick wall was built, which was about 1 meter thick, along with loopholes and cannons. In the tour, you will also be able to learn that the main gate, the traditional doya of the feudal military architecture of the Bukhara Emirate, has a concise and simple appearance. In the past, there was a swimming pool and a garden, and opposite the fortress was a lively market square with a caravanserai and shops. Large staircases and brick terraces led up to the main entrance. Now there are two powerful gate towers, which show how majestic this structure was. In course of the tour you will also have a chance to discover other interesting attractions as the recently restored monuments of “Madrasa I Kuhna” (new school of 16th-17th centuries), mosque; the mausoleum of “Mahdumi Azam” (16th century). Then you will travel to Dushanbe. This night you will rest in the hotel. 

Day 2: Dushanbe – Khoburubot – Kalai Khum
This day you will travel to the fascinating Kalai Khum village. Today you will travel along fabulous mountain road. You are going to transfer along the fascinating Khoburubot Pass (3 252) known as Western Pamir Tract. This day you will transfer along a beautiful road, see wildlife, enjoy beautiful panoramic views and you will have photo stops to take photos of beautiful gorges and rivers. This day you will also have a chance to discover small villages and meet the local inhabitants. The Tajiks themselves are very kind people, hospitable and hardworking. On the tour, you will be able to explore that they are happy to welcome any guest and are always happy to treat them to the best that is in the house. From time immemorial, Tajiks respect their folklore, and I respect customs and traditions. We are sure that you will definitely enjoy the tour, it is exotic and you will like the gentle nature. Tajikistan attracts tourists from all over the world to its wild nature. This night you will rest in a home stay where you will have a chance to explore way of local people’s life.

Day 3: Kalai Khum – Khorog
Today you will transfer to Khorog. This city is probably the smallest in the world, especially which is shown on the world map. This city is surrounded on four sides by mountains that attract tourists. This is the administrative center of Gorno-Badakhshan region, and the only city in the Pamirs. Khorog was built on the confluence of the 3 rivers where Shokhdara River and Ghund River flow into Pyanj River.  In course of the tour you will have a chance to get acquainted with Pamir people. In the tour, you will be able to explore what the Pamir people are different from the Tajiks according to anthropological data. Mostly Pamiris with light skin, light hair and blue eyes, but they are not Europeans. During the tour you will also be able to explore that the Pamir Mountains are very beautiful and also it is high-altitude where people live after the Himalayas and Tibet. The remote life in the regions distinguished the life of the Pamir people and their customs from the life of the Tajiks. This night you will spend in the guesthouse.

Day 4: Khorog – Kalai Khum
Today you will travel from Khorog to Kalai Khum. You are going to drive the same way as before. In the tour you will be able to explore that there are high mountains that reach a height of about 6000 meters. For this reason, it was possible to build only one road here. Guests of Tutu country will be able to enjoy the pure nature, explore the ethnography, history, and culture, and also have the chance to explore the beautiful views. During the tour, you will also be able to explore their lifestyle and enjoy interesting information. During the tour, tourists will have the opportunity to visit small villages and get to know the locals, and learn about their lifestyle. You will see the villages that are located on both sides of the river in narrow mountain valleys. During the tour you will observe Afghan stony villages and gardens. The overnight will be in the home stay. 

Day 5: Kalai Khum – Norak – Dushanbe
After breakfast you will transfer to Dushanbe. You are going to travel today along Afghanistan border. Along the way you will have a chance to transfer via breathtaking Shuraba pass (2 267 m). Pamir Mountains, as many travelers love the beauty of the Pamir Mountains, enjoy the charming scenery of the Pamir Mountains. In the tour you can find out that this is the territory of the Pamirs. The Pamir mountains themselves are unique and attract with their beauty, power, and pure nature. Many scientists and discoverers wanted to explore beautiful landscapes and enjoy charming views such as Marco Polo, Hsuan Tsang, Mirza Muhammad Haidar. Today you also have a unique opportunity to these fabulous mountains. After that you will travel to natural border – Pyanj River. Usually people call the Pamirs as system the ocean of white and blue mountains. During the tour you will visit Norak water reservoir. This reservoir also called as Tajik Sea. This night will be in the hotel. The overnight is in the hotel.   

Day 6: Dushanbe – Airport
In the morning is transfer to airport.  

Price per person:
02 pax – 1 010 $
04 pax – 600 $
06 pax – 640 $
08 pax – 525 $
10 pax – 565 $
Single – 80 $

Early check-in – 35 $
Single early check-in – 55 $ 

Half board – 80 $
Full board – 160 $ 

English speaking guide – 520 $ per group

02-04 pax – Hyundai Starex
06-08 pax – 2 cars: Hyundai Starex
10 pax – 3 cars: Hyundai Starex

Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
      Dushanbe – “Meridians” Hotel 3*
      Kalai Khum – Home stays
      Khorog – “Lal” Guesthouse
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour                                           

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- GBAO permit
- Travel insurance
- English speaking guide  

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