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Star carpet tour

Star carpet tour

Star carpet tour, Turkmenistan tours.

The Name of tour: Star carpet tour 

Duration: 6 days 

Visiting landmarks: Ashgabat, Turkmenbashy, Yangykala 

Day 1: Ashgabat
This day you will meet the group at the international airport of Ashgabat. Today you will have a dinner in the local restaurant. After that you will have free time in the city.

Day 2: Ashgabat – Turkmenbashy
After the breakfast you will travel to Nisa. You will have a chance to explore the ancient city of Nisa is located in Turkmenistan, 18 km West of the capital Ashgabat, near the village of Bagir. an ancient city, the ruins of which are located near the village of Bagir. It consists of two settlements-New Nisa, a Parthian city in the valley, and Old Nisa, a royal fortress on a hill. It was founded at the foot of Kopetdag by the Parthians in the third century BC and for the next six centuries served as the primary stronghold of the Arsacid dynasty, and sometimes as the capital of Parthia (under the name "Mihridatkirt", in honor of King Mithridates I). After that you will continue the tour with exploring Ertugrul Gazi mosque. During the tour, you will be able to explore that the Ertogrulgazy Mosque is the most beautiful religious building in Ashgabat, built in the Turkish style. The second name of the mosque is Azadi. It has 4 minarets, accommodates up to 5 thousand believers and is the largest in the capital of Turkmenistan. The mosque was built in 1993-1998, and received its name in honor of the Ottoman Sultan Ertogrul, who ruled in the XIII century one of the Turkic territorial entities in Asia Minor. After that you will travel to the Russian bazar and move to Turkmenbashi region. This night you will spend in the train.

Day 3: Turkmenbashi - Yangykala
Today you will have a breakfast in the local restaurant. After that you will transfer to Yangykala fire fortress. On the tour you will be able to know that canyons Yangykala it's just beautiful landscapes, charming landscapes, and they are located in the North-West of Turkmenistan. These beautiful cliffs will surprise you with their views and you will be able to see surrounded by sheer walls of purple-red, ochre, yellow, white and fiery red colors. You will also be surprised by the beautiful colors in the evening painted in soft tones. Later in the tour, we will head to Gozli Ata, where you can immerse yourself in the culture of Turkmenistan and immerse yourself in its traditions. After that you will transfer to the hotel.

Day 4: Turkmenbashi – Ashgabat
In the morning you will travel to Kamil Ata. You are going to observe nature and huge magnificent stones. After that you will have a train to Ashgabat. His night you will rest The in the train.

Day 5: Ashgabat
This day you will explore the charming attraction called Akhal-Teke Horses. By right, you can call these purebred beauties one of the most beautiful horses. Those insanely, bottomlessly beautiful eyes. The appearance is the physique of an expensive sports car among animals. No wonder they compare it to a cheetah. You can spend hours admiring and receiving aesthetic pleasure. Let's learn about the origin and roots of these beauties. Also about interesting cases and facts from life. For example, about which Akhal-Teke was the winner Marshal G. K. Zhukov at the victory parade in 1945. The breed originated from local horses that belonged to the nomads of Central Asia. These horses were known as far back as 3,500 years ago. Even then, the Akhal-Teke horses were very different from other horses due to their tall stature, dry build and grace. By origin, the Akhal-Teke breed is close to the Arab breed. It is even suggested that these horses may be the progenitors of the Arabian horses, but most likely these breeds developed in parallel. After that you will travel to the city. In the second part of the tour you will travel to cultural and entertainment center Alem.

Day 6: Flight
We will drive to the Ashgabat International Airport. 

Transport – Sedan, Minibus

Price per person:
02 pax – 820 $
04 pax – 610 $
06 pax – 500 $
08 pax – 445 $
10 pax – 410 $
Single – 110 $

Early check-in – 35 $
Single early check-in – 50 $ 

Half board – 45 $
Full board – 80 $

Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
      Ashgabat – “Menzil” Hotel 3*
      Yangykala - Guest house
- Visa support
- English speaking guide
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour
- Tickets for train-Ashgabat-Turkmenbashy-Ashgabat

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Migration tax (12$)
- Fee for using cameras on monuments 

Note: Each Traveler should have 2 photos (5×6) to be presented at the points of entry. 

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